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Full Head Foils: A full head of foils introduces colour scattered evenly over the entire head.


Half Head Foils: This method will scatter colour over most of the hair that you can see and only leaves the hair from above the ear to the nape untouched, perfect to alternate with a full head of foils.


T-Section Foils: Not as many foils as a half head, a quick in between treatment to refresh if you’re short on time.


Colour & Foils: Perfect for creating texture and movement to a hairstyle and for disguising those first ‘grey’ hairs by covering 50% of the hair, this is a good way of blending natural colour with multiple depths and tones, encouraging a more subtle regrowth.


Ombre: Hair trends come and go, but Ombre is here to stay. The idea is simple: hair is darker at the roots and becomes lighter at the ends, or vice versa. It’s a gradient hair colour technique that has become a staple in the hair world, and it’s clear to see why. Not only is Ombre an easy look to pull off, but the colour possibilities are endless.


Balayage: Lighten things up with a Balayage hair colour technique, the name comes from the French term "to sweep," and can be applied to any natural or processed hair colour. Think soft, subtle hints of blonde colour placement on a slightly darker shade of hair. If you're ready to go blonde but want to keep a natural look, a blonde Balayage hair colour is perfect for you!


Colour Root Melt: Colour root melt is the latest technique and is the in between service for Balayage and Ombre, leaving a soft graduation blending with the base hair colour so you don’t have any harsh regrowth lines.